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By Ulisses Lociks


Paulo Govêa is an internationally recognized artist who has had exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Spain, and the United States.

In his unique way of stylizing his characters, we may note that his stylistic identity

coexists harmoniously with broad and comprehensive subjects of the mass culture.

Among the sources of inspiration for the artist, some of his works show a surrealistic touch with the uncommon manner in which elements - which bear strong symbolic meaning around the main characters - are arranged, or even when the artist plays with the object-background relationship, transforming the characters into a stage for patterns and figures that propose another form of representation of the individuals.

With abundant color, coherence, and creativity, Paulo Govêa creates works that are rich in form and meaning. He demonstrates an artistic maturity that will stand the test of time. 


Name: Paulo Henrique Govêa Machado

Born: 02/04/1977/São Paulo /SP/Brasil

Mother: Maria do Carmo Govêa

Father: Rosalvo Francisco Machado


Individual exhibition

2016 Tentativas e Assertos, Mercato Art Brasil.

2016 Obra sobre Clarice Lispector Immersive Gallery Brooklyn NYC.

2014 Galeria Iroon, Barcelona.

2012 Sucio Montana Gallery, Barcelona curation by Anna Dimitrova.

2010 Galeria Salaverry, Jurerê, Florianópolis.

2009 Épocas, curadoria de Myrine Vlavianos, Galeria Floripa Loft, Florianópolis.



Collective exhibition

2020 Expo 101 Montana Gallery Barcelona curation by Anna Dimitrova from ADDA gallery Paris 

2016 Festival audio visual MERCOSUL

2016 Vila dos araças Florianópolis Brasil

2014 Exposição coletiva Lote 45, Brooklyn NYC

2013 Feira PARTE (MV Arte Contemporânea), Paço das Artes, São Paulo SP.

2012 Residência artística e exposição no Museu de Arte Moderna de Chiloé, Chile.

2011 Exposição Graffiti em Recorte, curadoria de Myrine Vlavianos, Galeria Luciano

Martins, Florianópolis.

2011 Pintura mural no CIC- Centro Integrado de Cultura, Florianópolis.

2011 Mostra Internacional de Cinema, Artes Plásticas e Fotografia, Fundação Bienal,

Ibirapuera, São Paulo.

2010 Intervenção na Arquitetura da Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, curadoria de Dois mil Família, São Paulo.

2008 Mostra Internacional de Cinema, Artes Plásticas e Fotografia, Fundação Bienal,

Ibirapuera, São Paulo.

2007 Mostra Internacional de Cinema, Artes Plásticas e Fotografia, Oca, Ibirapuera,

São Paulo, e Anexo do MAM, Rio de Janeiro.

2006 Mostra Internacional de Cinema, Artes Plásticas e Fotografia, MIS, São Paulo.

2005 Exposição na Confraria das Artes, Florianópolis.





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